the beginning.

Hi, my name is Sam. Welcome to my life.

This is me. In my bed. After waking up to what I am going to call divine inspiration (yes, I did have to document the moment).

Waking up in the middle of the night in a start (okay, by the middle of the night I mean 4 hours before my alarm goes off – 7 o’clock on a Saturday morning – considering it’s “spring break” at the University of Michigan, this is early.) with an actual need to create this.

You may or may not believe in an inner guide. I personally do.

Yesterday I had a bit of an anxiety attack about the f-word. The Future. What am I going to do with my life? I am a second semester senior with less than two months before graduating and I have no job lined up, let alone even an idea of what I want to do with my life. Up until this point I had been experiencing a serious sense of calm. A true blissful feeling that all was going to work out. But then I was wacked in the chest with this dread. I scrambled to the Internet to send out a few more job applications and went to bed after sending out prayers to the universe that I would be guided.

I have been reminded of websites that some of my peers in the U of M art school have developed as working resumes to show their talent and creations (Ellen Rutt, your website left me in awe so I have to highlight it – – I hope you don’t mind!) What an awesome idea, thinks Sam. Why can’t I do that?? Maybe I don’t have a specific product or service that I have to display but this may be a perfect way for potential employers, collaborators, awesome people to get to know me.

I believe…

  1. ….that social media is pretty friggin’ important to my generation and a useful tool for businesses and individuals to spread what they want to spread.
  2. …that I have some pretty cool things to say and pretty cool projects that I am working on – but that may just be my ego talking ;0)

I have had blogs before (two to be exact). Ones that I have been both proud and embarrassed about. Ones that I have hid and felt pressure from. But this one is created with the intention of speaking my truth and sharing my life.

Why am I highlighting truth? The concept of truth has recently become a theme in my life. I live an alternative lifestyle that in the past I have been embarrassed about and have actually tried to hide. This left me full of anxiety and fear that people would find out how I dance with the divine. I have been afraid to speak my truth. This is the rebellion to my previous fear. The first agreement is to be impeccable with my word. It is now my challenge to fully act on this agreement.

I am by no means saying that I am “right” in any sense of my thoughts or action. I am just trying to live life in the best way that I know how. And in the best way that I am constantly learning how.

I intend to fill this site with nuggets of my thoughts, actions, experiments, projects, creations. I hope that it reaches whomever it is supposed to reach. Or at least it entertains the people who find themselves reading it.

So here are some of my current – and possibly fleeting – ideas of what could end up on this blog. Based on my current areas of intrigue…

  1. …My fermentation experiments. I have bacteria pets growing in a corner of my apartment. I talk to my sauerkraut, kombucha, and mead, no biggie.
  2. …My social experiments. One that I am currently working on and very excited about is the idea of how the built environment influences people’s behaviors.
  3. …Experiments in the kitchen. I love food. Specifically vegetables. I love creating beautiful dishes and past blogs of mine have been made in honor of them.
  4. …Photographs. Let’s be honest, everyone is an amateur photographer these days. Most of mine will involve vegetables and other things that pop out of the earth.
  5. …Video creations. For people who have not yet discovered the wonder that is iMovie: Be warned, it is addictive. I have lost 5+ hours of my life editing a 30-second clip. And have loved every minute of it.

I am not trying to spread a gospel and I am not even saying that I have anything monumental to say. This has just been created with the intention of expelling all of my thoughts out into the Universe. Who knows, maybe the right person will read it.



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