Sometimes all you can do is laugh…


The weather this Wednesday was 62 degrees and sunny. It seemed as though every U-M student was happy as a clam traipsing along to the first signs of spring. I found myself walking a mile, including through our campus diag, wearing sweatpants and Toms, carrying a cuban oregano plant (the lovely specimen pictured above) and a Wandering Jewel plant. I ran into a friend that I had not seen all semester and her first reaction to seeing me was “Why am I not surprised?…” I definitely can’t complain about being stereotyped as that girl who would walk around campus carrying an armful of plants…

A similar situation occurred yesterday, walking home from a trip to the local food co-op and practicing yoga. My yoga mat was strapped to my body and there was kale sprouting out of my purse. As I took a large swig from the mason jar of lemon water I had in my purse I could only smile and relish in imagining how random passer-bys may think of me.

Last night, the temperature had dropped below 30 degrees however it was the Virgo full moon, and being a September baby myself, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to further experiment with spirituality on such an important night. I put on my winter coat and walked into the grassy clearing next to my apartment. Grounding into the earth with my bare feet, and turning my palms up in front of me towards the moon, I asked aloud for help with releasing things that do not serve my highest good that I am holding on to. Simultaneously a group of my peers drunkenly walked passed towards the bars. I can only imagine their thoughts of my little ritual.

These moments remind me of the Buddha Laughter; “laughing at yourself, life, the Whole Universe… with great love and appreciation; and feeling the wonderful, mind boggling paradox in that.” [source]

Speak/live/be your truth. And laugh at yourself if that truth happens to include sending divine wishes to the moon.


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  1. Martha

    smiles and laughter back at you. everyone should have kale growing out of their purse and bathe in the full moon. lovely thoughts

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