market report 3.31.2012


I deeply truly love going to the farmer’s market every week. It is such a pleasant experience to wake up early and walk across an empty town to a place that is buzzing like a beehive. Food lovers come together and there are no faces not wiped with a grin (except small children who were dragged along by their mothers). I think that it is such a beautiful opportunity to be able to have a relationship with the people who grow the food that you eat! I am going to start doing weekly “market reports” to show off my bountiful harvest!

stinging nettles – tantre farm
(never tried these before! I’ll let you know how it goes…)
shiitake mushroomstantre farm
spinachtantre farm
kalegoetz farm
rainbow chardgoetz farm – the real way to taste the rainbow.
baby kaleseeley farm – like kale but cuter!
chervilseeley farm
(this is my new favorite herb! it’s reminiscent of fennel’s licorice-y taste. so good in salads!)
field greens – don’t remember! oops…
mums! – don’t remember this one either… i’ll work on that!


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March 31, 2012 · 6:00 pm

One response to “market report 3.31.2012

  1. i totally used to be one of those kids when i was younger! i walk around like a kid in candy shop.
    i’ve never had or heard of chervil but i’m totally going to be on the look out once our markets open up…which is not soon enough!

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