“Sam, stop!”

Shout out to anyone who anyone who knows anything about dream analysis. I just woke up because someone in my dream was telling me “Sam, stop.” over and over again, very insistently. I’m a bit freaked out. I believe that dreams hold a lot of meaning. I believe that it is my sub-conscious – or some other higher something-or-another – trying to communicate with me.

What am I supposed to stop doing, feeling, thinking?

Does anyone have any good resources as far as analyzing dreams?

I should note that I am currently burning some fresh sage that I bought on a whim at the farmer’s market this morning (talk about synchronicity) to “clear out the bad spirits” or whatever it’s supposed to do.



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2 responses to ““Sam, stop!”

  1. Martha

    Stop eating stevia.

  2. maybe it’s your spirit self telling you to stop stressing about the future. with the end of your schooling nearing and an uncertain future, you maybe feeling extra anxious or stressed…maybe this is a reminder to just let the future come as it may and to let go of your stress over it…

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