market report 4.14.2012


So robins, flowers blooming, the vernal equinox… They’re pretty alright. I guess. (okay, I can’t even joke about flowers bursting into they’re vibrant glory being less than magic rainbow sparkles) The true sign of spring for me is finding fresh asparagus stalks at the farmers’ market. And let me tell you, my friends, spring has officially sprung!

spinachtantre farm
shiitake shroomstantre farm
asparagus – didn’t catch it because I was too excited that IT’S FINALLY ASPARAGUS SEASON!
wild arugulagreen things farm
violasfrog holler – yup. those are edible flowers. I will definitely be growing those this summer!
Brines’ salad mixbrines farm
cilantrotantre farm
Seeley’s salad mixseeley farm 


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