Oh no, aloe.


I’m starting to doubt my ability of choking down a mason jar of fresh aloe snot.

Rande, I know you feel (taste) my pain.



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3 responses to “Oh no, aloe.

  1. a whole mason jar how do you get that much i love aloe! whats the best way to get aloe outta leaf?

    • Haha that was blended with water. Which I do not recommend! I prefer just blending it in a food processor as is with some stevia, sans water, to make the process quicker and less painful!

      To get the pulp out, I cut the spines on the sides off and then cut filet-style down the middle, scoop it out with a spoon into my food processor.

  2. Do you have a blender? Mix it up with your favorite smoothie and you won’t notice a thing 🙂

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