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mustard sprouts and sprouting for all!

these are from my window sill

They take about 10 seconds a day to maintain (pouring a little water onto paper towel) and cause me to smile big time. Being near growing things (AKA life) makes me all warm and fuzzy. No matter how much land you own, space you have, sun is out, sprouting is available to you. You can give life and surround yourself with life!

So sprouting is super simple. You can find a million directions in a million different places. So let’s create the million and first!

.get some seeds (above are mustard seeds that I got from the bulk section of my local food co-op)
.soak overnight
.line a bowl with damp paper towel
.put soaked seeds into bowl
.put bowl in sunny spot
.keep paper towel damp and let your sprouts grow!

Want more sprouting info?? I love the [sprout people]. They are awesome.


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simple pea salad

I’ve been pretty distant from this lovely space lately. But I have been experiencing so much and feeling so much. Sometimes It is difficult to share all that happens because it just doesn’t do them justice! But I have the intention of being more present here. I am not sure for what purpose other than just to share the little things that make me feel joy, feel life.

Like peas!

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.goat cheese – edible flowers – sprouts.

raw peppercorn goat colby
pea sprouts

life is so good.

(consumed with an abundance of spring greens and lemon juice)

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radical self love.

Gala Darling is a wonderful work of art.

.fill a notebook of things you love about yourself.
.write down compliments given to you.
.be thankful!.

What do people thank you for?

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michigan strawberry season…


…has arrived!

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