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black radish hearts

I’m going to start posting again on my previous blog, Low Carbon Diet (I love puns).
Get excited. I am.

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November 24, 2012 · 3:22 pm

sunshine juice in a messy room



Lots of juice today. The greenhouse is full of sunshine which I know the sprouts are loving. A very relaxing Sunday – teaching yoga, getting books from the library, House meeting. With a decently busy week to look forward to, I am thankful to have had a day to move slowly and deliberately and to laugh.

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guess who’s makin’ a mini hoop house!

[chiwara permaculture on youtube]

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an absolutely lovely saturday

1. makeshifted bike basket
2. filled with beautiful produce from the farmers market
3. sunning in the greenhouse 4. & 5. little sprouts sprouting
6. daikon greens/fennel/celery juice 7. marinated olives by candle light ❤

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