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big salads and lots of fruit


romaine / mixed baby greens / sunflower sprouts / green onions /
beautiful locally-grown greenhouse tomatos / cucumber / grape tomatos /
raw tahini / fresh lemon & orange juice / fresh grated ginger / sumac /

I’ve been experimenting with the Douglas Graham’s 80/10/10 diet. This is a raw vegan diet consisting 80% of calories from carbohydrates (raw ripe fruit), 10% of calories from protein (raw leafy greens and vegetables), and 10% of calories from fat (avocado, nuts, seeds). Actually extending this out into a day is pretty odd looking (example here). On the fruit end of things, you’re gonna eat 2-3 fruit meals where a “meal” could look like 10 pears, a bunch of bananas, a pound of dates, or 4 pounds of clementines. You get bio-available protein from leafy greens and vegetables which are extremely low in calories and high in water content. That means, again, you’re eating a LOT of these – a few heads of lettuce for an individual dinner salad! Fat is on the other end of the scale, waay less than I’m used to. 10% of a 2000 calorie/day diet is 200 calories/day, which looks like 2 tablespoons of (raw) tahini, a handful of nuts, or half of an avocado.

I’m quite surprised about how easy this has been for me – I’m actually REALLY enjoying it! My stomach (being a muscle) is not yet used to eating such high quantities of biomass in one sitting, but this really is a diet of abundance and the complete opposite of a restrictive diet, in my opinion.

We’ll see how it goes post-holiday break when work starts up again and I have to lug around pounds of fruit and large bags of greens haha.


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terarriums il_fullxfull.397180258_jtqj
//gift certificate to pot & box for custom terrarium purposes.//
//air plant holder by AMradio//


//karma solid perfume by LUSH (lust is also pretty awesome)//
//just about anything from Living Libations (though poetic pits is particularly intriguing).
I am absolutely intrigued by this company (and Nadine (the owner) in general)//

2146Sm03TWL._SX450_ race_car_bed_3
//a decent knife!//
//any step towards a grownup bed. Yes, I currently sleep on an (ikea) mattress…//

4_web wall-of-ball-jars

//water purifying white charcoal sticks//
//more ball jars – I keep breaking them and I keep making more and more fermented goodies//


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dear mom


I know you read this so I may as well tell you that you’re pretty and thank you for being born. Happy birthday. I love you very very much.

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chivalry is not dead

Yes, girls do always appreciate flowers. Knowledge that roses – and most common flowers – are edible came with the gift. I’m looking up a recipe for rosewater as we speak as I type…
Aaand it’s easier than I thought!

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loving J.R. Liggett’s shampoo

I love this shampoo. I discovered it at Whole Foods last month and I am not quite sure how I got by before! With naturally thin hair, this all-natural shampoo bar is the best thing I have found in that it leaves my hair shiny and smooth, without weighing it down or stripping it of oils (therefore causing frizz). Pluuuus the only packaging is a bit of paper. Awesome.

Oh yeah, here are the ingredients:
Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide (lye) and pure Spring Water.
That is all.

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