terarriums il_fullxfull.397180258_jtqj
//gift certificate to pot & box for custom terrarium purposes.//
//air plant holder by AMradio//


//karma solid perfume by LUSH (lust is also pretty awesome)//
//just about anything from Living Libations (though poetic pits is particularly intriguing).
I am absolutely intrigued by this company (and Nadine (the owner) in general)//

2146Sm03TWL._SX450_ race_car_bed_3
//a decent knife!//
//any step towards a grownup bed. Yes, I currently sleep on an (ikea) mattress…//

4_web wall-of-ball-jars

//water purifying white charcoal sticks//
//more ball jars – I keep breaking them and I keep making more and more fermented goodies//



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One response to “//wishlist//

  1. Martha

    Universe. I am getting her a chef knife

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