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kale salad video

A beautiful video by Logan Chadde, documenting a lovely lunch I made last spring.

Kale Salad from Logan Chadde on Vimeo.


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breakfast and gifs



1. I have been eating ridiculous quantities of oranges for breakfast every morning for the last few weeks. I am quite surprised that I am not sick of them.

2. I learned how to make .gif files! Hurray for tiny internet skillz.


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raw vegan potluck dinner in a yurt.
what more could I ask for in a snowy winter night?

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big salads and lots of fruit


romaine / mixed baby greens / sunflower sprouts / green onions /
beautiful locally-grown greenhouse tomatos / cucumber / grape tomatos /
raw tahini / fresh lemon & orange juice / fresh grated ginger / sumac /

I’ve been experimenting with the Douglas Graham’s 80/10/10 diet. This is a raw vegan diet consisting 80% of calories from carbohydrates (raw ripe fruit), 10% of calories from protein (raw leafy greens and vegetables), and 10% of calories from fat (avocado, nuts, seeds). Actually extending this out into a day is pretty odd looking (example here). On the fruit end of things, you’re gonna eat 2-3 fruit meals where a “meal” could look like 10 pears, a bunch of bananas, a pound of dates, or 4 pounds of clementines. You get bio-available protein from leafy greens and vegetables which are extremely low in calories and high in water content. That means, again, you’re eating a LOT of these – a few heads of lettuce for an individual dinner salad! Fat is on the other end of the scale, waay less than I’m used to. 10% of a 2000 calorie/day diet is 200 calories/day, which looks like 2 tablespoons of (raw) tahini, a handful of nuts, or half of an avocado.

I’m quite surprised about how easy this has been for me – I’m actually REALLY enjoying it! My stomach (being a muscle) is not yet used to eating such high quantities of biomass in one sitting, but this really is a diet of abundance and the complete opposite of a restrictive diet, in my opinion.

We’ll see how it goes post-holiday break when work starts up again and I have to lug around pounds of fruit and large bags of greens haha.

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raw okra

Okay, I realize this may sound strange… but I have a new hot n steamy love affair with raw okra. I managed to eat the 2 pints that I bought at the farmer’s market this morning as a “pre-dinner snack” (yup).

two pints of raw okra from the farmer’s market into my belly

I have a feeling that this strange addiction is not a common one, but okra’s so good for you that it’s definitely worth some experimentation!

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lemon-cucumber lemon-cuban oregano water


thinly sliced with a mandoline with lemon stevia super refreshing! I am always delighted by (and always purchase) unique veggies at the farmer’s market. Enter cucumber lemon. Shaped like a lemon but tastes more like a cucumber. Fascinating! Cuban oregano is a succulent herb that I am growing in massive quantities on my porch. It is thriving despite my constant forgetfulness to water it. Respect. Another hydrating water mix: lemon cucumber chopped sorrel chopped mint liquid stevia

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mustard sprouts and sprouting for all!

these are from my window sill

They take about 10 seconds a day to maintain (pouring a little water onto paper towel) and cause me to smile big time. Being near growing things (AKA life) makes me all warm and fuzzy. No matter how much land you own, space you have, sun is out, sprouting is available to you. You can give life and surround yourself with life!

So sprouting is super simple. You can find a million directions in a million different places. So let’s create the million and first!

.get some seeds (above are mustard seeds that I got from the bulk section of my local food co-op)
.soak overnight
.line a bowl with damp paper towel
.put soaked seeds into bowl
.put bowl in sunny spot
.keep paper towel damp and let your sprouts grow!

Want more sprouting info?? I love the [sprout people]. They are awesome.


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